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Arti: The Articulating Arm Information Page

Proudly Introducing Arti!

We needed a way to put the functionality of our SuperLamp and SuperFlashlight in a nice Desk Lamp/Work Lamp format. Then, we discovered other uses for it. This system can be used for photography, Movement sensors, etc. as well. The invention of the ball joint system will hopefully spur even more ideas in the future. We are very excited about the possibilities. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you are missing out! Check this out...

Arti uses a ball joint system that when tightened allows for movement in every direction, not just the axis'. This makes for a very stable and strong platform for lighting, magnifying glass, cameras, sensors, etc. Here are some of the specifics:

  • Arti clamps to any table with a ledge that is at least 2-1/2" or 65mm deep.
  • Arti has about an 18 inch or 460mm reach.
  • Arti swings out of the way so you can use it whenever you want without it being in the way.
  • Arti is compliant with those holes sometimes located in the back of modern desks.
  • Arti is expandable with additional accessories, you can make it reach just about anywhere (within reason).
  • Arti is a design wonder and fits with any decor! (Just ask me!)
  • Arti comes with your choice of a single 16 LED head and 8X Magnifier, or a 3 ring, 47 LED Head for maximum brightness.
  • Arti has two push buttons for lighting control. One is LOW/MED/HIGH in White light, the other button is a secret.
  • Arti uses the Arduino Nano for the microcontroller and is fully programmable using the Arduino IDE.
  • Arti's design uses high quality knurling on the rotating parts for smoother operation and no tools are needed.

Arti comes in Kit form and all you have to do is watch the above video to put it together. Stay tuned for more innovations from!

You can Purchase one of these Gems on our Buy-It-Now page!