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Our Dual Mini-Servo Gimbal System!

This is a very special offering in that we made it from scratch taking all of the current offerings out there and improving the design. We wanted a solid Gimbal that gave us all of the features you would expect and then some. All of the screws that construct this Gimbal have Nuts on them. The hardware is then locked in place with recesses so things do not come loose.

Mini Servo Gimbal Ordering Options

Basic Mini Servo System Kit - This kit is unassembled and does not include the Servos. It comes with everything you need to put it together. Some drilling is required on a Servo Propeller. Recommended Servo is the Tower Pro MG90S. Includes Stainless Steel hardware. It comes with one attachment of your choice.

Complete Mini Servo Gimbal System Kit - This kit is unassembled and includes Stainless Steel hardware and the Tower Pro MG90S Servos (2). All of the machine work is done for you. This is our most popular kit. It comes with one attachment of your choice.

Mini Servo Gimbal System Assembled - This is the fully assembled Gimbal system ready to go. It uses Stainless Steel hardware, metal gear Tower Pro MG90S Servos, and comes with the attachment of your choice.

Mini Servo Attachment Options

Specify the attachment Mount you would like included in your order. See the pictures of each mount on the Assembly page.
The choices are:

  1. HCSR-04 Sonar Sensor Mount
  2. OV7670 Arduino Cam Mount
  3. Raspberry PiCam with Infrared Mount
  4. PiCam Plus PIR Motion Sensor Mount
  5. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Gimbal Base
  6. Generic Mount with Tie Straps Mount

We use PayPal as our exclusive means for purchasing. You can use your credit card or PayPal account to order using the link below. Thank you and please give us some feedback!

Mini Servo Gimbal Options

Specify Desired Attachment(s)

International Shipping Rates Apply! Please email for pricing on International Orders!
Domestic Orders use the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail System and rates are included at purchase.

The Assembly Instruction is here: Full Assembly Instructions
Check out the Video Short: Mini Gimbal: The Movie!

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