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Introducing Arti: The Articulating Arm!

This is truly another Deve's Technet Original. We have created a very SOLID and very smooth working Articulating Arm System that is fully compatible with our other LED lighting systems and has many other uses that go far beyond our current understanding. We envision this system for holding Cameras, Motion and other Sensors, or just about anything requiring extended reach.

This innovative ball joint system allows movement through all axis' and gives you unlimited movement choices. By utilizing 100% infill, or solid plastic, we can provide a very strong system without compromise. We also use Stainless Steel hardware at the main joints for a very strong and tight solution. In the below Movie, we show how to use it for a Desk/Work Bench style Magifier Light and a full on, super bright 47 LED lighting solution but the limit on where else this system could be used is limited to your imagination.

This is a one of a kind offering because it incorporates everything you would want in a versatile, extra solid, and very useful tool for your Desktop or WorkBench. Read all about it in the Information Document below.

Here is the Assembly Document: Arti: The Articulating Arm System
The Buy-It-Now Page is here: Purchasing Arti

Our Arduino Starter MegaConsole!

From years of experience, we took all of the ideas from every offering out there and came up with a very simple and reliable console that incorporates all of the basics in one place. But we didn't stop there! This Arduino Starter Console is expandable with accessory options to fit any Lesson Plan. What we learned...

  • The Mega 2560 R3 has more capability so we started off with the right tool right away!
  • The full length breadboard allows for the largest workspace in the most compact frame.
  • Our console uses 6 colored LEDs that are pre-wired to take the demand off the breadboard.
  • Built in to the console is a 7th LED that is special. It is an RGB LED capable of 256 colors!
  • A 100K Potentiometer allows for Lessons where Potentiometer Control is necessary.
  • 4 Momentary Buttons are fastened to the breadboard for learning about Button Control.
  • The console even comes with an on/off switch to power everything down.
  • The breadboard comes fully wired for power and ground all the way around the board.
  • Everything is wired neatly and tested for proper operation.
  • It gets better! Click the Button below to see the Add-On Consoles that set this system apart!
This the best educational tool for teaching young Robotics or aspiring Coders how to interface programming with real world tools for Making... just about anything! Education Discounts are available!

Introducing the Super FlashLight and SuperLamp!

Until now, there has been no such thing as a Programmable Flashlight. A normal flashlight traditionally just passively sits on a shelf with batteries that waste away until you need it. There is more we can do! Here are some of the highlights!

  • Our Super Flashlight has 4 fully programmable buttons to allow many different lighting options.
  • Comes with 47 total RGB LEDs that are independently programmable!
  • From a very bright white like the customary flashlight, to several different dazzling color displays!
  • Uses the Arduino Nano and the Arduino IDE for easy programming with any modern device.
  • Incorporates two 18650 Rechargeable Batteries for a nice mix of longevity and compact design.
  • Comes complete with programming cord, Charger and two EXTRA batteries.
  • Available in a Flashlight or a fashionable Desk Lamp.
  • Design is ongoing, including a very unique Articulating Arm System for Bench work.

We made this as a programming tool for Coders who wanted something unique to do. This would fit into any good educational curriculum for intermediate programming classes. It's also just something FUN to have around! Hit the button below to learn more!

Introducing the Mini Servo Gimbal System

This is truly another Deve's Technet Original. We have made a SOLID and very smooth running Servo Gimbal that works well with the mini Servo's like the Tower Pro MG90S. But we didn't stop there. This is an entire System that allows you to interchange your mounts for different purposes. You can go from an HC-SR04 Sonar Sensor to a Raspi-Cam or any of 5 other Mounting brackets easily.

This is a one of a kind offering because it incorporates everything you would want in a versatile, extra solid, and very useful tool for your Robotics or Camera shop. Read all about it in the Assembly Document below.

Here is the Assembly Document: Assembly of the Mini Servo Gimbal System
The Buy-It-Now Page is here: Purchasing the Mini Servo Gimbal System

Introducing The Super SmartCar!

One of the most educational and valuable learning tools out there is the Arduino based Smart Car. These kits are available on Ebay or Amazon to name a few and really show the Learner how to integrate concepts such as Motion with Detection and Decision processing. They even introduce wireless communication and Input processing. If you are thinking of getting one, we feel we have the ultimate SmartCar. Here's a few features we have incorporated to make this platform even better:

  • Our Super SmartCar uses the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 for its on-board intelligence. This gives you more capability for adding sensors, cameras, etc.
  • Our Super SmartCar uses the Arduino Uno with a Funduino Controller Shield to communicate with the SmartCar. We did not feel tieing up your Smartphone or device for Control is efficient. The problem with that is distance. We want our SmartCar to communicate at distances up to 800 meters or 2600 feet!
  • To get the communication distance we seek, we incorporated two Long Range NRF24 Transceivers which are known for reliability in delivering high performance on Radio Controlled Airplanes and Drones.
  • We added many more situational awareness sensors and for educational purposes, we mixed Sonar and Infrared technology in both digital and analog for a better understanding of these sensors.
  • Our Super SmartCar uses a single 7.4 volt, 5000mAH Lithium Ion Brick for the Car and two 18650, 5000mAH Lithium Ion batteries for the Remote. These selections guarantee long battery life and efficient power distribution.

There is much more to this design. You can read all about this amazing learning tool by hitting the button below.