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Presenting Our "Buy-It-Now" Index

If you have pre-order questions or comments, we are always happy to answer. Simply email Deve at the email address that goes across the top of this page. The links below will take you to the informational page of your choice. We CAN do it better!

  • The Dual Axis Mini Servo Gimbal - This very solid Gimbal will support your sensors or camera easily on board your robotic project even if it's in the air! Our dual axis Gimbal is assembled with screws and nuts with captures to hold everything together very solidly while allowing for smooth rotation through 180 degrees on both axis!

  • Check out the Video Short: Mini Gimbal: The Movie!
    Complete Assembly Instructions: Mini Gimbal: The Assembly!

  • The Super SmartCar - was designed to overcome a few of the design flaws of other offerings of the same type. This SmartCar is more advanced, has more features, and has far more range using two long range NRF24 Transceivers. This vehicle is used in educational settings for teaching students about Motion Control, Sensor Technology, Communication, and C++ Programming using the Arduino Platform. It does not require a Smart Phone, or any other device for control. This is really a self contained learning tool.

  • Complete Assembly Instructions: The Super SmartCar Assembly Manual

  • The Arduino Mega 2560 Console System - This is one of our most popular items. This console system uses the Arduino Mega 2560R3, a full size breadboard, and a control console that contains 6 LEDs, 1 RGB LED, 1 100K Potentiometer, on/off switch and 4 buttons fastened to the breadboard. This is a GREAT starter system for the new Robotic enthusiast! Be sure to check out our free Lessons [coming soon] that directly pertain to this nice, compact and powerful console.

  • Complete Explanation:The Mega Console Information Page

  • The Arduino Mega 2560 Console Add-On #1 - The beauty of this system is its expandability. We can add more controls, more sensors, MORE! In this case, we decided to add a 16 button Keypad with real buttons, a Rotary Encoder, a ThumbStick with Switch, and a nice 20 column by 4 row I2C LCD Display. This educational resource takes learning how to control our world a step further! Since we start with a Mega 2560, we can add these add-ons without worry of running out of computing resources!

  • Complete Explanation:The Mega Console Information Page

  • The Super FlashLight - A true DTN first! This is not your everyday flashlight! This is a 4 button, fully programmable light machine capable of 256 colors using 47 separate LED's! Because we are all about education, we made this flashlight using an Arduino Nano so we can connect it to the computer and program each of the 4 buttons to control our flashlight. We didn't stop there! We also wanted it to be practical, so it contains two 18650 rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries for extra long use. The package includes two extra batteries, charger, a cradle to set the flashlight in during programming and a programming cord for connecting to your computer.

  • Complete Explanation: The Super FlashLight Information Page

  • The Super Desk Lamp - We took the technology and design of the Super FlashLight and made a nice desktop lamp with the very same controls and capability! The color displays are dazzling and the brightness is good for reading or lighting up any room. The program that comes with it has one button designated for simple low, medium and high white light operation and the other three have different light displays in many colors. The 5 inch Globe protects the lights (and your eyes) but can be unscrewed for clearer indirect viewing. Includes an inline on/off switch and power supply.

  • Complete Explanation: The SuperLamp Information Page

  • Arti: The Articulating Arm - Another DevesTechnet Original! We were looking for a unique way to set up a Desk Lamp on an Articulating Arm. This system can be used for other purposes; Cameras, Sensors, anything imaginable, so we are offering it as a standalone product with Accessories. Everyone needs at least one of these!

  • Complete Assembly and Information: Arti: The Articulating Arm Information Page
    Check out the Video: Arti: The Movie!

  • Our Super PiCam Solution - We wanted a Surveillance Cam that could be used day or night, could monitor an entire room, and was compact enough to move around. This solution monitors 360 degrees of a room by using three Servo's and the best part is, it is controllable through your LAN via Wireless! It just doesn't get any better than this!

  • Complete Assembly and Information: The Super PiCam Information Page
    Check out the Video: Super PiCam: The Movie!