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Introducing Arti!

This is another very special offering in that we made it from scratch taking all of the current offerings out there and improving the design. We wanted a solid and stable platform that gave us all of the features you would expect and then some. This innovative ball joint design gives you full rotation in any direction.

Arti: The Articulating Arm Ordering Options

Basic Arti Kit - [$176.50] This kit is unassembled except for the electronics and comes with everything you need to put it together. Just specify which Head you want:

  1. Arti with Magnifying Head and 16 LED Light. OR...
  2. Arti with 3 Ring, 47 LED Head.
  3. This kit comes with Wall Power Supply and Inline Switch.

Arti Alone! - [$136.50] If you dont want LED's, Magifying Lenses, or the Control Box, Choose Item 2 from the dropdown below. We will send you an Arti without those things. This is for those who want Arti for Cameras, sensors, etc. and have their own solutions.

Individual Parts - Each part can be purchased individually! Send an email to and we will send you instructions on how to get each part. Individual Parts are as follows:

  1. Control Box w/ Top Clamp - [$56.50] Located on the Base features two buttons and houses the Arduino Nano. INCLUDES the Top Desk Clamp!
  2. Bottom Desk Clamp - [$24.50] Mounts under the Desk and has the large Screw sticking up.
  3. Bottom Desk Clamp Acme Screw - [$8.00] Knurled and Screws to the bottom desk clamp for clamping force.
  4. Desk Clamp Nuts - [$4.00] Knurled round nuts that are large and clamp the Desk Clamp down.
  5. Arti Nuts - [$3.00] Knurled smaller round nuts for securing Arti's parts together.
  6. Arti Balls (female) - [$7.50] One inch round threaded inside Balls for the ball joints that use Stainless Studs.
  7. Arti Balls (male) - [$12.50] One inch round threaded outside Balls for the ball joints that do not require studs.
  8. Arti Long Arm - [$18.50] Five Inch long, knurled arm. This is the longest Arm.
  9. Arti Short Arm - [$14.50] Three Inch long, knurled arm. This is the shortest of the two Arms.
  10. Arti Super-Short Arm - [$9.00] 1 and 1/2 Inch long, knurled arm. This is not part of the basic kit.
  11. Arti Clearanced ClamShell - [$14.50] This is the non threaded shell that houses the ball joint.
  12. Arti Threaded ClamShell - [$14.50] This is the threaded shell that houses the ball joint.
  13. Arti Stainless Stud - [$5.00] 2 Inch Stainless Steel stud for screwing in the female balls.
  14. Arti Stainless Screw with Cap - [$7.50] 1- 3/4 Inch Stainless Steel screw with Plastic ClamShell Securing Cap.
  15. Arti Plastic Stud - [$4.00] 2 Inch plastic studs for screwing in to the Head.
  16. Arti Magnifying Head with 16 LED Ring - [$46.50] Comes with 24 inch wiring harness with braided cover.
  17. Arti 3 Light Ring Head with 47 LED's - [$46.50] Comes with 24 inch wiring harness with braided cover.

Arti Purchase Options

Specify Head if applicable

International Shipping Rates Apply! Please email for pricing on International Orders!
Domestic Orders use the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail System and rates are included at purchase.

Arti: The Software

It was mentioned previously that Arti's Control Box is programmable. This allows you to choose what each of the buttons do. This is facilitated by the use of an Arduino Nano Microcontroller. If you are in to programming with the Arduino IDE, we offer you our code for programming Arti. Please observe the DC Current Limitation of the Nano by keeping all brightness numbers in the code below 128 on the 3-Ring LED Head version. Failure to do so can result in fire and in the least burn out the Nano. Do not take this caution lightly.

Sample Arduino Arti Code for Arti's 1-Ring Magnifier Head
Sample Arduino Arti Code for Arti's 3-Ring LED Head

NOTE: Be sure to send a donation if you are so inclined to the companies responsible for this hard work. made the enclosed library, and gave us this wonderful platform in the Arduino IDE. We are very grateful for the open source nature of this work.

The Information Page is here: Arti's Information Page

If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, email