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Advance Design Paint Color Information

Below you will find everything you should need with the exception of outside body paint colors. Years ago I left that part out in deference to Bob Adler who was at the time THE one-stop place to go for purchasing this information. I try not to get in the way of people making money. But these days, the reason I don't have that information here is because I just haven't gotten a round Tuit. Stay Tuned and I will get to it as soon as I have time. Go and visit Bob's site. Another very good source for paint information for these trucks is Tim Lederman's site.

NOTE: The color codes are for modern versions of the older paints!

1947-52 Cab Interior Colors
PPG 27467
DuPont C8306

Interior is called Graphite Brown Metallic. A fairly close match for cab interior color in a rattle can spray paint is RustOleum "Dark Bronze Metallic" #7272.

1953 Cab Interior
PPG 33210
1947-1953 Steering Wheel, Column and Shifter Color
DuPont 8540
Engine Paint Color for 1947-1955
Gray PPG 34560
A substitute at local parts stores for the gray engine paint is Dupli-Color Ford (gasp!!!) Gray #DE1611.
Misc Items
Engine Color - Gray
Clutch (Bell) Housing - Gray
Transmission - Cast Iron (Natural)
Torque Tube/Rear End - Semi-Gloss Black
Leaf Springs and Shocks - Semi-Gloss Black
Front End Parts - Semi-Gloss Black
Frame - Semi-Gloss Black

Deluxe Fresh Air Heater - An excellent paint to use is "Hammerite Rust Cap", in the bronze color (Part No. 41185.) It duplicates the hammered finish of the original heater perfectly. Takes some practice to put on correctly (buy 2 cans!) MasterChem is available through Eastwood (Part No. 10083Z) among other places.

Support Information
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