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Resto Shop SuperJig

This jig was created to address the question of how to secure doors, hoods, fenders, front ends, differentials, etc, etc. for repair, sanding, sandblasting, all body prep. If you had an erector set as a kid, then you can relate. Most shops just use fold up tables to do these bulky parts, but this jig fixes them solidly so that long board sanding or anything you do will not be a problem. Set this up and it will rival having these parts on the actual frame, only in any orientation you wish.

The picture gallery can be found here: Picture Gallery
The entire instruction on how to build this yourself: Instruction Document
The How-To-Use instruction can be found here: How-To-Use Document [not yet]
Join in on the conversation at: The Think Tank Shop Discussion

The build instruction contains everything you need. We encourage you to build it yourself, however, if you can't do it, email and we will get this built for you. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Either email Deve, or go to and join in on the conversation. Over-sized Shipping Rates would definitely apply!