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PCV Upgrade for your 216/235/261 Chevy Engine
Kits are available NOW for your 216/235/261 Engine!

There are two kits available, a Regular Kit and a Deluxe Kit (shown on left). The Regular Kit comes complete with all parts necessary to connect your system to the intake manifold and to the PCV Valve using 4 feet of 3/8" rubber hose (included). The Valve and everything you need is in the kit. Specify the NPT size of the intake manifold when ordering. There were three sizes GM made. They were 1/8" NPT, 3/8" NPT and 1/2" NPT. Since NPT is so different, measure the diameter and you should get .405 inches for 1/8" NPT, .675 for 3/8" NPT and .840 for 1/2" NPT. Whichever one is close is the one you need. The regular kit uses barb fittings. Price: $84.50 plus postal priority shipping

The Deluxe Kit is made specially for your engine and comes with a 3/8" stainless steel hard line. Specify NPT size and engine size for this one. Since all kits we make are custom order, we will be in contact if we need more information. Price: $153.50 w/ oversize plus postal priority shipping.

Ordering Your Custom PCV Kit.

These kits are made to order because there are a few different styles of Intake Manifolds involved. To ensure you get the correct one for your vehicle, please look over the pictures and order accordingly.

Photos left and right are for the 1/8" NPT fittings. This is most commonly associated with the 216 or early 235 intake manifolds.

Photos left and right are for the 3/8" NPT fittings. This is one of the two styles of Intake Manifolds that were stock on the 235 or 261 Engines.

Photos left and right are for the 1/2" NPT fittings. This is one of the two styles of Intake Manifolds that were stock on the 235 or 261 Engines.

PCV Kit Pricing Options

**Additional International Shipping Rates Apply**

Shipping the Deluxe kit is based on distance and must me computed by order. This has to do with oversize shipping rates and the special care taken to get the custom stainless to you in good shape. If you are ordering the Deluxe Kit, please send an email to so we can adjust the price accordingly. Also, please send an email when ordering to let us know what size your intake manifold takes for the fittings as described above.

This is a really elegant way of eliminating that Road Tube that drips oil all over your precious concrete. The PCV system was first introduced just after our vintage vehicles so the upgrade just makes sense. PCV has been a mainstay in all vehicles from 1962 to present. This upgrade gives you the very same advantages as modern vehicles. Gases are pulled out of the bottom of the engine where they accumulate causing dirt, corrosion, and contaminants where they can do the most damage, filtered and pulled back into the intake manifold and recycled. This system is easy to install and very inexpensive. This has been a very popular upgrade because it works, it's easy to install, and increases engine longevity.

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The entire instruction on how to build this yourself: Instruction Document
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The build instruction contains everything you need. We encourage you to build it yourself, however, if you can't do it, email and we will get this done for you. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Either email Deve, or go to DTN Forums and join in on the conversation.

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