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Educational Resources

How Stuff Works - This site has gotten rather confusing over the years, but there is a lot of great information on how automotive systems work. Just have to find it!

Tire and Gear Ratio Calculators - If you have any question about gear ratios, tire sizes or anything related, these guys have calculators for it. You just plug your info in. Great resource!

The Brazing Book - Amazing resource on the art of Brazing. Great Stuff!

Vendor Resources

Adler's Antique Autos
Location: Stephentown, NY

American Classic Truck Parts
Location: Aubrey, TX

Bowtie Bits Antique Truck Parts
Location: Wichita, KS

Brothers Truck Parts
Location: Corona, CA

Chevs of the 40s
Location: Vancouver, WA

Classic Industries
Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Classic Parts of America(Chevy Duty)
Location: Riverside, MO

Classic Performance Parts
Location: Placentia, CA

Darryl's License Plate Restoration
Location: Duryea, PA

Fifth Avenue Garage
Location: Clay Center, KS

The Filling Station
Location: Lebanon, OR

H&H Classic Parts
Location: Bentonville, AR

Hot Rod Wires
Location: Garland, TX

Jim Carter Truck Parts
Location: Independence, MO

Julianos Interior Products
Location: Ellington, CT

LMC Truck Parts
Location: Lenexa, KS

Mar-K Quality Bed Parts
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Mongos Garage Radio Parts
Location: Independence, MO

Rock Auto
Location: Madison, WI

The Tag Doctor
Location: Dawsonville, GA

Tom Langdon's Stovebolt Parts
Location: Utica, MI

Painless Performance Products
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Performance On-line
Location: Corona, CA

Steele Rubber Products
Location: Denver, NC

Summit Racing
Location: Akron, OH

Best Forum Sites

Deve's Technical Network Forums
The best place to start when looking for information on these trucks is right here!. We will find you an answer or refer you to another forum.

Paint and Body Expertise
Another site that will change your life if you are into this stuff!

Welding Design and Fabrication
Another site that will change your life if you are into this stuff!

General Resources

AutoRestorer On-line
Auto Restorer Magazine headquarters.
These guys have been around awhile too. Great vendor resources page among other things.

Classic Pickups On-line
General vintage truck resource for hot rodding, etc. Worthwhile if you are into that.

Classic Truck Shop Online
Another general truck resource. Worth looking into.

GM Heritage Center
You don't want to start your restoration without getting the info here. It's free and very revealing!

Hemmings Motor News On-line
Hemmings is the #1 vintage vehicle buy/sell resource.

Old Car Manual Project
What a great resource for a lot of the manuals you will need for your project!

Old Chevy Trucks/Parts for Sale
Vintage Truck buying and selling resource.

Individual's Sites

Dave's 235 Blog
Very in-depth straightforward information that you probably need!

Larry Kephart's BillyBob
What can we say about Larry? I have enjoyed his exploits immensely!

Oletrucks Mailing List Archive
An amazing resource for solving any issue concerning these old trucks.

Scott Sensing's Website
Kudo's to Scott for raising money and awareness for humanities worst diseases.

Tim Lederman's Site
A great 54/55.1 Series resource.

Alan Horvath's Site
Lots of great info about all facets of the resto process.

Feeling left out? Give me your site and I will gladly add it!!!

Tool/Shop Sites

AutoBodyStore On-line
A good resource for paint and body issues. They also sell decent gear.

Craftsman Tools
My choice for relatively decent tools.

Harbor Freight
It is what it is! No need for an introduction!

Hardware for everything you can imagine! Check here first!

Northern Tool
Another great discount tool resource.

TCP Global
For everything paint and body related. All brands, all products!

TP Tools
Can't say enough good about them. Sandblasting and Restoration Specialists!

Let me know what else belongs here!