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So What Is Farm-It-Out?

Our Most Popular Kits for the 216/235/261 Engines

Our Most Popular 1947-1955 Advance Design Solutions

(Other Vintage Vehicles May Apply)

Our Most Popular Restoration Shop Solutions

Want to join the Farm-It-Out Team? We are always looking for honest, giving individuals who wish to spend their time going out of their way to accommodate their fellow man. If you have a shop with the capabilities to do some of these projects, and the skills/mindset required to do an extra-ordinary job, or wish to share an idea with the Network, contact and we will initiate a conversation about putting you on the list.

Each project is assigned a Project Director and a Contact. Usually it's the person that invented it, although sometimes others volunteer to do the work. Currently we are short on volunteers, so if you want to participate, let us know.

Check out our current offerings. These are made to order, so give us plenty of time!

We encourage you to make these items yourself first. Full detailed instructions are found in the link pages.