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Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter for 1940-62 216/235/261!

This adapter works flawlessly with the stock exhaust system on any vehicle. This one clamps on the frame rail just front of the steering gearbox and is perfect for vehicles without the three bolt mounting pattern on each side.

This adapter works flawlessly with the stock exhaust system on a 1952-1962 engines with the three bolt mounting pattern on each side. If you have headers, measure first to ensure you have the space available. We even have a solution for that!

Every now and then we see a Triangle Motor Mount on the side of the 235 Engine that has two holes at the top and one hole at the bottom. The front hole is 2-1/2" from the bottom hole and the rear hole is 2-5/8" from the bottom hole. Special THANKS to Michael for taking the time to send in a cardboard template so we can make the correct adapter plate. This type of motor mount has 3/8" coarse threads in the mounting boss so perfect for this application.

This adapter works with the Fenton dual exhaust or with a stock system using an Alternator. You need to use the alternator because of the available space. Special thanks to Grigg and Cosmo for the idea!

Kits are now available! We let you choose the adapter (above) of your choice, then we add stainless braided pressure hose and all of the necessary fittings. The 4" Pipe and Tee are to get around your exhaust efficiently. It even comes with oil pressure gauge hookup! All pipe, tee and adapters are stainless steel with the exception of the AN fittings which are black anodized aluminum.

Spin-On Oil Filter Options

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The entire instruction on how to build this yourself: Instruction Document

The build instruction contains everything you need. We encourage you to build it yourself, however, if you can't do it, email and we will get this done for you. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Either email Deve, or go to DTN Forums and join in on the conversation.