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1955 Chevy 235 Restoration
By Deve Krehbiel

This 1954 235 was taken out of a badly burned truck. The block was thoroughly machined and tested so although I was skeptical about fire damage, there wasn't any. The head was bad, so I got another one and proceeded to rebuild the engine. I do not skimp when it comes to proper machining of heads and blocks. This one was bored to .030 over and the head got hardened valve seats to compensate for todays gas not having lead (a good lubricant for valves). I have a great machine shop locally and they deck, line bore, bore and test everything before handing me the parts and gaskets, etc. Then I take it back to the shop and assemble and test. I do not have assembly pictures. I have this personal battle with cameras. They are never handy when they are really needed the most!