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Feature Project: 3 on the Floor!
Grandma always had a 3 on the Tree in her grocery getter, but Grandpa drove real trucks so he went with 4 on the floor! In our Feature Article we will show a brand new solution that puts the 3 speed shifter exactly where the original 4 speed comes up out of the floor making the truck look like a stock 4 speed. It may not be the Higgs Boson, but it really revolutionizes the way we look at the vintage 3 speed transmission...
Project #2: 1959 235 Engine Rebuild Project!
The idea is to explain in detail the steps it takes to properly rebuild a 1959 235 6 Cylinder Engine. From start to finish, this article goes through every aspect of a rebuild, from tear-down, to the engine shops work, to rebuilding each subsystem, right through to engine adjustment and run-up. This article was completed in the summer of 2015 with really great results.
Project #3: High Energy Ignition Plus!
The Plus is, we use the Stock Distributor you already have! To make it even better, we make no permanent modifications to your vintage distributor. The GM HEI system is well known for its hotter spark, more efficient burn of today's gas formulas, and a cleaner, smoother running engine. As our friend, Jim Linder, a renowned Ignition Specialist puts it: "The HEI as built by GM could very well be the best overall ignition system out there ever. It has a varying dwell based on engine RPM and a ramp and fire circuit using 3.6 ms and 5.5 amps output with current control." If you have converted to a 12 volt system, you are on your way! Check out the fuel mileage tests and all of the particulars! Very exciting! KITS AVAILABLE NOW!!
Brad Allen's Slideshow Project

I don't know how he does it, but my friend Brad Allen has put together some very rare footage of our precious Advance Design trucks and allowed us to present them to you. You will find these slide-shows throughout the site. Some of them are very instructional and all of them are quite interesting! I hope you have as much fun watching as I do!


"Farm-It-Out" Currently Under Construction

It's hard to explain a totally new concept such as "Farm-It-Out", other than to say it's the opposite of "Buy-It-Now". We devoted a whole page to explaining it all, but we are hoping you will take the time to read the material and let us know what you think. It's kind of an exciting concept and should give some of us older restorers a new sense of purpose. In the coming weeks we should have the first offerings available. If you know of a great invention or an older person with lots of talent, send them here! We might even play nice and let some of you young whippersnappers join in on the fun!

New and Refreshed How-To Section

What this site is all about is documenting How-To articles to help you finish your Truck Restoration with full confidence. Over the years we have accumulated a few things to help you. Most of these articles were written upon request by kind and knowledgeable people who freely give their time for an excellent cause. If you know something and wish to share it, check out the How-To pages and maybe they will prompt you to write what you know, and others would certainly appreciate.

The most fun we have had in a long time is adding new Shop related How-To material. If you are trying to make the most out of small spaces, or have a tip that you don't see on the site, please start the conversation in the Shop Forums here:

Cool Acquisition!

It is not really very common knowledge that a Lock for the under-bed spare tire carrier even exists. One day I was bragging to Jim Carter how I have everything for the 1950 Stock Restoration found here, and he said to me "I doubt it".

He said "I bet you don't have the original spare tire carrier lock." So, I was humbled yet again. I set out to find one and found this one in it's original box on EBay Motors. Jim's counsel over the years has been a real benefit. Jim is one of those guys that you don't even bother to second guess. It has been an honor knowing the man!

The J-Hook threads into this mechanism in such a way that it locks the J-hook down so it can't be removed. So imagine, being on the side of the road with a rear flat and not only can you not get to the under-bed spare tire carrier to get the spare out, but then you can't remember what you did with the key! So, you find it, toss the lock out into the field along with the detachable part of the under-bed tire carrier, stick the spare in the bed and that explains why they are so rare!

The Think Tank.. Forums with a Unique Twist...

I have been a member at almost since the beginning and there just isn't anyplace else that can deliver very quick and very complete answers to your restoration questions. John and Peggy Milliman have done an amazing job of really stepping up in that regard. If you ask them, they will tell you it simply couldn't be done without the myriad of volunteers who hang out there answering questions. If you have questions, they are the place to go for answers. I hang out there myself.

DevesTechNet Forums are not competition, but more of an augmentation for a few reasons. I have no interest in being social. I am sort of a reclusive type and am happy just working in my shop (alone) and thinking up new innovations, refining old ones, and trying to complete my projects. My hope is the forum section can be on auto-pilot for the most part.

The forums are set up so that I can announce new How-To's in the Tech section, ask whatever questions are pertinent to that subject, and the main focus then is The Think Tank. Let me explain my vision for this..

The V-Bulletin Forum software I use has unlimited photo and graphic properties. Upload and store as many photos as you want. This was essential to the plan. The idea is to start an idea, let other people look it over, add to it, subtract from it, discuss it, and in the end create a SOLUTION that meets certain criteria. What is that criteria? It's stringent guidelines that are to be adhered to. Let me give you an example...

Let's say we want to explore the idea of using our stock 216/235/261 distributor and turn it into electronic ignition. But wait! I do not want my stock distributor ruined in the process. I might decide I don't want HEI so I want to go back to the old Points system. Solution Criteria #1 We will use our stock distributor.

Then, not only am I using the stock distributor I already own, but I don't have to worry about breaking it. Solution Criteria #2 The process we use must not trash any of the stock parts. Then, we are enthusiasts of vintage trucks. We like them for the vintage look, so Solution Criteria #3 we also want this modification to look as stock as possible.

Now that we have Solution Criteria, we can START the process of making it happen. Imagine if this process were used on just about any product you can think of. Maybe the end customer would be happier! Check out the HEI thread in the forums.

The Think Tank- How it works is, a topic is chosen, the group decides what guidelines (Solution Criteria) to follow and then we find a way to overcome all challenges. In the end, as close as is humanly possible to a perfect solution is born. We then compose a single document from the discussions and to share this technology with anyone who is interested.

The most important quality of our contributors is their ability to stick to mathematics and science to prove their ideas are solid. This eliminates conjecture but also takes time to research and 'Think Tank' our way to a successful outcome. If this sounds at all intriguing, you are probably someone who fits right in. We need input from everyone, not just those who post a lot. There has been times when my wife, who knows very little about what I am doing, walks past one of my projects and looks sideways and says,"What about this, or why does it look like that?" Sometimes her walking by causes days and days of extra work because I wasn't thinking!

We are so much stronger as a society when everyone participates, so please stop by from time to time and make sure to critique whatever you feel we need to work on. Thanks in advance for making this project a success! There are several projects just waiting for participants, so please check them out. We are always looking for new ideas, so please tell us your ideas! Check it out at TechNet Forums!